Thanks for your interest in commissioning a custom artwork! If you are interested in a pet portrait, please see details below. If interested in commissioning another type of artwork, please reach out via email.



The first step in the pet portrait commission process is to select a reference photo. I prefer to receive a few different photos so that I can select one that will translate best onto paper/canvas. Once the photo is selected, I create a mock-up in Photoshop while taking into account background preferences and frame sizes. A detailed background will be an additional charge.


Once you give the thumbs up on the composition, I start with an initial pencil sketch. Next, I will add in the paint, often starting with a base layer that adds depth. Once the artwork is complete, I can send a photo to ensure you're satisfied, or leave it a surprise.

Delivery and Pricing

Once it's finalized, an archival spray is applied. Lastly, I can meet with you locally to hand-off the painting or ship via Fedex for an additional charge. The entire process takes a few weeks, but may be subject to delay depending on current commissions. An initial deposit via Venmo or check of half the final commission price (or full) is required.