Coffee Cycle

Two of my favorite things...bikes and coffee! Coffee Cycle is a local coffeeshop with amazing sustainably-sourced coffee. The owner Chris let me choose the subject, I just had to show him my plan and get the thumbs up. The original design idea was to have animals drinking coffee in a jungle, extending to multiple walls, but I opted for something blockier on just the back wall that would look clean from far way. I wanted it to also match the surrounding environment, white walls with burlap sacks that also had linocut-style designs. I saw an illustration of a coffee plant online and immediately thought of the yin and yang symbol, and that the shape of a tiger would pair well with the plant. The borders are my favorite flowers, poppies. The fruit of the plant was replaced with espresso beans.

San Diego Cyclery

This colorful mural was done for San Diego Cyclery, formerly called Pacific Beach Bikes. I wanted to create a vibrant design that fits the vibe of a bike shop in a beach town. I juxtaposed the geometric shapes of bike chainrings with the organic shapes of mostly tropical plants and flowers.

San Diego Private Residence

This exterior mural is at a vacation rental in Pacific Beach. The client wanted bright colors with some pink. It was fun to get out of my normal color palette with these bright, bold teal and blues, pink and yellow. The hot pink and yellow were selected to match the lemon and hibiscus trees.